SignupResponse Object

Contains basic signup information about the user, including the unique user ID assigned by the platform.

This object is used by the following operations:

The properties included in the SignupResponse object are listed below.

Property Type Description
userName string The unique ID for the user. For example: 506994e4-d840-47c7-84f5-ad3bbae13d36.
firstName string The user's first name.
lastName string The user's last name.
domainName string The domain name.
loginDomainID string The unique ID for the user's login domain. For local platform users, the value is siteusers.{tenant-id}. Example: siteusers.acmepaymentscorp. Other login domains, such as Google and Facebook, have different IDs.
authIdentifier string The identifier for the user, as provided by the identify store. If the user signed up using Facebook, this value is a numeric ID; for Google, it is the URI of the user on Google. If the user signed up on the platform, it is a unique identifier for the platform.
profileName string In some instances this field is used for the user's email address.
emailAddress string The user's email address.
userPhones UserPhones Contains information about one or more phone numbers associated with the user.
expired boolean Indicates whether the user's access via the third-party authorizing agency has expired. A value of false means that the signin is still valid.
state string The current signup state of the user; for example, pending_validation. For a list of valid values, see User Signup State Values.
UserID string The unique ID for a specific user.
pendingNotifications integer The number of notifications pending for the user.
signupStatus string Signup status for the user. Example: For valid values, see SignupStatus values.

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