OAuth: Revoking a Grant

The developer portal doesn't currently support revoking an OAuth grant; however, you can accomplish this task using the OAuth API.

Note: Workflow actions relating to OAuth are controlled by the OAuth workflow, which you can customize if needed. For more information, review the default OAuth grant workflow (8.4 version attached) or download the latest version in the developer portal: Administration > Workflows > workflow:definition:oauth:grant:default:1.0.0.

For revoking a grant, you'll use some or all of the operations summarized below. The key operations are log in, execute workflow action, and log out.

Action Endpoint Description
Log in POST /oauth/login Allows a person to log in for the purposes of OAuth, and returns the OAuth authentication cookie. For users signed up on the platform; other users log in using the POST /oauth/login/ssoLogin operation.
list grants GET /oauth/admin/grants Returns information about OAuth grants.
execute workflow action to cancel or revoke a grant POST /oauth/admin/grants/{GrantID}/actions Executes a valid workflow action associated with the specified OAuth grant.
log out GET /oauth/login/logout Destroys any authentication cookies associated with the current OAuth session.

For information about other tasks relating to managing OAuth grants, see OAuth: Using the Grant Admin API.

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