GET oauth/admin/clients

Returns information about clients. For the provider admin, this operation returns a list of all client apps that have at least one grant; for the resource owner, it returns only the clients for which the resource owner has a grant.

Authorization Roles/Permissions: Must be the resource owner or provider admin.

This topic includes the following sections:

HTTP Method


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Sample Request

The example below shows a request for client information for the OAuth Provider.

Request URL


Sample request headers

Cookie: OAuthToken_{OAuthProviderName}

Sample request body

Not applicable.

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Request Headers

For general information on request header values, refer to HTTP Request Headers.

Header Description
Accept application/xml, application/json
OAuthToken_{OAuthProviderName} The OAuth cookie that identifies the logged-in user with the provider. Depending on the operation being used and the context, the authenticated user could be the resource owner, the administrator, the client app administration, or the OAuth Provider. The cookie is returned after logging in with the POST /oauth/login operation.

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Request Parameters

Parameter Parm Type Data Type Required Description
IncludeClientsWithActiveGrants Query Boolean Optional Indicates whether clients with active grants should be included in the results. Default: true.
includeClientsWithExpiredGrants Query Boolean Optional Indicates whether clients with expired grants should be included in the results. Default: true.
SortBy Query string Optional An optional parameter allowing users to sort results by a specific value; for example, com.soa.sort.order.updated sorts with the most updated entries first. For valid values, see Sort By Values. If not specified, items are returned in the sort order of DescendingDate, which means that the most recent items are first.
StartIndex Query int Optional An index number indicating the starting point for the results to be returned. If not specified, results start at position 0, the first result.
Count Query int Optional The number of results to be returned, from the specified starting point. If not specified, all matching results are returned.

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If successful, this operation returns HTTP status code 200, with the client information.

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Sample Response

The sample response below shows successful completion of this operation.

Sample response headers: application/xml

Accept: application/xml

Sample response body: application/xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> 
<rss xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:ns3="" xmlns:ns4="" version="1.0"> 
  <description>Clients either have active grants or expired grants with the Oauth Provider</description> 

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Response Headers

For general information on response header values, refer to HTTP Response Headers.

Header Description
Content-Type application/xml, application/json

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Response Body

Name Type Description
RSS feed RSS feed The response is an RSS feed with one RSS item for each client ID. The only property available for each client is client-id.

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Error Codes/Messages

If the call is unsuccessful an error code/message is returned. One or more examples of possible errors for this operation are shown below.

Item Value
401 Unauthorized. For example, you would get this response if you didn't include the OAuthToken_{OAuthProviderName} cookie, or if you included an invalid cookie.
500 An error occurred processing the call.

More information about Akana OAuth API error messages.

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