OAuth Grant Object

Contains information about an OAuth grant.

This object is used by the following operations:

The properties included in the Grant object are listed below.

Property Type Description
GrantID string The unique ID for a specific instance of an OAuth grant.
GrantProvider string Optional. The grant provider.
GrantType string The grant type; for example, authorization_code. For valid values, see OAuth GrantType values.
OpenIdConnectGrant boolean Indicates whether the grant is an OpenID Connect grant. Default: false.
GrantStatus GrantStatus

Contains information about the status of an OAuth grant. For values, see OAuth GrantStatus values.

For example, Pending.

GrantExpirationDateTime dateTime The date/time the grant will expire, expressed in UTC.
GrantExpirationDateTimeInMillis long The date/time the grant will expire, in milliseconds.
GrantClient GrantClient Contains the latest information about the client for an OAuth grant. It might not exactly match the information configured when the grant was issued.
GrantClientRedirectUri string The redirect URI received for the specific grant request. In most cases it's the same as the Redirect URI configured for the client, in the GrantClient object, but in some cases there might be some differences.
AuthorizationCode string Optional. The authorization code, if applicable.
ImplicitToken string Optional. The implicit token, if applicable.
AuthorizationCodeExpirationDateTime dateTime The date/time the authorization code will expire, expressed inUTC.
ClientState string An opaque token optionally sent by the client, to be returned along with the redirect URL after the grant is issued.
ResourceOwnerUserInfo ResourceOwnerUserInfo Optional. Contains UserInfo information about an OAuth resource owner.
GrantResourceScope GrantResourceScope Optional.Contains information about the resources in a grant OAuth scope.
GrantIssuedDateTime dateTime The date/time the grant was issued, expressed in UTC.
GrantIssuedDateTimeInMillis long The date/time the grant was issued, in milliseconds.
GrantUpdatedDateTime dateTime The date/time the grant was updated, expressed in UTC.
GrantUpdatedDateTimeInMillis long The date/time the grant was updated, in milliseconds.
GrantProperties GrantProperties Optional. Contains information about OAuth grant properties.
WFInstanceId long The workflow instance ID.
OpenIdConnectAuzRequestParameters OpenIdConnectAuzRequestParameters Contains information about the request parameters for an OpenID Connect authorization request.
ResponseType string The Response Type value for this OAuth grant.
ImplicitIDToken string Optional. The ID token for an Implicit OAuth grant.

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