OAuth JWTValidationCriteria Object

Contains information about the criteria that an OAuth JWT token is validated against. The specifics of the validation criteria are different for different JWT consumers (jwt_assertion, jwt client_assertion, jwt access _token, id_token).

The properties included in the JWTValidationCriteria object are listed below.

Property Type Description
Type string

The type of token. Valid values:

  • Id_Token
  • Bearer_Assertion
  • Client_Assertion
  • Access_token
  • None
ClientID string Optional.
DomainName string Optional.
Issuer string Optional.
AuthorizedParty string Optional.
Nonce string Optional.
Audience[ ] string Optional.
OpenIDConnectClientAuthRequest boolean Optional. Indicates whether it is an OpenID Connect client authentication request. Default: false.
JWTValidationConstraints JWTValidationConstraints

Contains information about the constraints associated with JWT validation.


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