OAuth JWTValidationCriteria Object

Contains information about the criteria that an OAuth JWT token is validated against. The specifics of the validation criteria are different for different JWT consumers (jwt_assertion, jwt client_assertion, jwt access _token, id_token).

The properties included in the JWTValidationCriteria object are listed below.

Property Type Description
Type string

The type of token. Valid values:

  • Id_Token
  • Bearer_Assertion
  • Client_Assertion
  • Access_Token
  • None
ClientID string The unique ID for a specific OAuth client, as set up with the OAuth Provider. In the context of the platform, the ClientID is the same as the app's RuntimeID.
DomainName string Optional.
Issuer string Optional.
AuthorizedParty string Optional.
Nonce string Optional.
Audience[ ] string Optional.
SubjectClaimMustExist boolean Indicates whether the Subject claim must exist. Default: true. Set to false if Subject claim is not required.
OpenIDConnectClientAuthRequest boolean Optional. Indicates whether it is an OpenID Connect client authentication request. Default: false.
JWTValidationConstraints JWTValidationConstraints

Contains information about the constraints associated with JWT validation.


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