API Administration

Design or import your API. Add implementations and define deployment zones for the API. Fine-tune, test, and monitor. Manage all activities relating to the API and its connected apps, as well as physical services..

API Platform Version: 8.1 and later

API Administration: Overview

Overview of API management in the Akana API platform.

Add an API

Adding an API on the Akana API Platform.

Using API Designer

Add or modify an API using API Designer.

Managing API Implementations

Add or modify one or more implementations for your API. Manage deployment zones and policies for each implementation.

API Testing with Test Client

Test your API in Test Client.

API Visibility, Licenses, and Settings

Manage API visibility, configure license scope, and manage settings relating to API access.

Managing Contracts for your API

Manage contracts for apps that are connected to your API.

Forum Moderation

Moderate user-generated content relating to the API, such as discussions, reviews, and comments.

Working with Physical Services

Add and manage physical services on the Akana API Platform.

OAuth Support

Configure an API with OAuth.

Promoting an API

Learn about promoting an API to the next environment.

Content Development Guidelines

Detailed information about working with API documentation files.

API Documentation Maintenance

Add and maintain API documentation.

API Documentation Tagging

Learn how to tag your API documentation to control visibility of documentation files.

Legal Agreement Maintenance

Add / maintain API legal agreements.

API Admin Management

Invite others to be API Admins for your API and manage the API Admin group.

Monitoring API Analytics

Monitor your API's performance.

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