API Versioning

Learn about and access an API version.

API Platform Version: 8.1 and later

Table of Contents

  1. How does API versioning work?
  2. How do I view an API version?
  3. How do I access an API version?
  4. Related Topics

How does API versioning work?

An API is composed of one or more versions accessible on the Version menu on the API Resource Title Bar.

Note: Only API Administrators and designated team members are authorized to create an API version.

  • Documentation—The My APIs > API > Documentation page includes release notes that covers new functionality and updates for each API version, and a complete set of API documentation for each API version.
  • API Access—When requesting access to an API using the API Access function, you must first select the API version from the Version menu on the API Details page, then click Access to launch the API Access Wizard.
  • Delete Version—If an API Administrator deletes an API version that currently is part of an approved API Access Request, API Access will be cancelled. If this happens, you will receive an email notification. You would then need to initiate a new API Access Request for a different version of the API.
  • New Version— If the API Administrator has configured an alert to notify developers when a new API version is available, upgrade notifications will be issued and posted in the Dashboard, App Talkbox, and API Talkbox.

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How do I view an API version?

The Details page for each API includes a Version drop-down menu, at the top right, that allows you to view API versions. After selecting an API version, you can view the API documentation and configuration details for that version. See What are the components of the APIs section?

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How do I access an API version?

When you've chosen the API version you want to use, go to the API version page, as explained in How do I view an API version? above. Then, click Access at the top right of the page to start the API Access Wizard.

For full instructions about initiating an API access request, and about using the API Access Wizard, refer to How do I get API access for my app?

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