Site Admin

For Site Administrators: learn how to manage platform user accounts, invite individuals to be site administrators or business administrators of the platform, upload site color schemes and update css style sheets, and configure authentication domains.

API Platform Version: 8.1 and later

Site Admin Responsibilities

Overview of the Site Administrator's capabilities and duties.

Legal Agreements

Manage the platform legal agreement.


Set up custom color schemes, define a platform login, and upload documentation files and style sheets.


Configure basic settings for alerts, apps, APIs, connections, comments, discussions, groups, tickets, users, reviews, and business security.

Site Settings

Configure site settings such as site URL, contact email address, and themes.

Site Admins

Manage Site Administrators for the platform.

User Accounts

Manage user accounts for platform users, including adding, activating, disabling, and deleting accounts.


Add, change, and delete custom workflows for resources on the platform.

Test Client

Manage settings that affect the features and capabilities of the Test Client tool, to optimize the user experience for app developers and API Admins using Test Client.

Search Configuration

Plan and manage the configuration and deployment of Elasticsearch, the platform's search/indexing tool.

Content Development Guidelines for Simple Dev Theme

Manage content pages for Simple Developer theme (Simple Dev).