Installing Envison Features

Learn how to install Envision features.

Installing Envision Envision Reference Using the Admin Console Managing Containers

Akana Envision

This feature will install the Standalone Analytics Manager UI and associated services.

Akana MongoDB Support

This plug-in provides connectivity to a MongoDB instance for features that have NoSQL persistence capabilities. Each feature may require enablement to use the connection. Please check the documentation for each feature where applicable.

Akana Sample Data Sets for Demo Charts

This plug-in provides a series of sample data sets for demo charts that can be installed to the Envision Console. When you install a sample data set the associated Widget and Dashboard are added to the Envision Console. Requires installation of Akana Envision.

Akana Envision Console Extensions

This plug-in installs extensions to the Policy Manager Management Console to direct the collection of business metrics and SLA collection that are then fed into the Envision product. The extensions include configuration screens for the business metrics related policies and configuring SLA for Business Metrics. This feature requires Policy Manager Console feature.

Akana Envision Metrics Collector

This plug-in installs extensions that will collect metrics for the Envision product. Requires the Network Director or Policy Manager Services features.