Envision Reference Overview

Provides a technical overview the Envision product and how to create Data Sets, Charts, and Dashboards using the Envision Console.

Supported Envision Version: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2

Basic Concepts

Provides a technical overview of the Envision product.

Introduction to Data Sets

Learn basic concepts about Envision Data Sets.

Data Set Collection and Aggregation

Learn how Envision performs data collection and data aggregation.

Creating a Data Set

Learn how to create an Envision data set and configure dimensions and metrics.

Creating a Chart

Learn how to create a chart with Envision and configure datasets, use chart options, and preview charts in Live Mode.

Creating a Map

Learn how to create a map in Envision.

Creating a Dashboard

Learn how add and reposition charts on an Envision Dashboard and display in Live Mode.


Provides a list of chart properties used in the Envision Dashboard.