System Requirements for Akana Envision 2018.0.0

The following table lists the minimum system requirements for running Akana Envision 2018.0.0 on Windows and UNIX platforms.

Note: Envision 2018.0.0 runs on Akana Platform 2018.0.0. If you're using Akana Platform 8.4.x, you'll need to upgrade to 2018.0.0 or use Envision 1.2.1. see System Requirements for Akana Envision 1.2.1.

Updated: November, 2018

Component Name Requirement

Supported versions: 3.2.18 and later 3.2.x versions, Windows 64-bit (MSI) and Linux 64-bit (TGZ).

To download a MongoDB Version 3.2.18 file for your platform, refer to the MongoDB Downloads website.

Akana Platform

Version 2018.0.0

For system requirements, see:

For download and installation instructions, see:

Policy Manager
(for Envision/Policy Manager Integration only)
Version 2018.0.0
PM Analytics Plugin Version 2018.0.0