Installing Platform Plug-ins

Learn how to install plug-ins that are part of the Platform default installation.

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Cluster Support

This plug-in provides support for group administration of multiple containers via a single Administration Console. The clustering feature is based on the idea of a Master node and a set of Slave nodes that all share a common set of feature bundles and configuration. When the clustering feature is installed, any Container Instance may be configured as either a Master or Slave. All Slaves will periodically synchronize their state with the Master node. If the Master node becomes unavailable for any reason, the slaves will remain in their last configured state.

Kerberos Impersonation

This plug-in enables kerberos constrained delegation, or impersonation. Requires Java 1.8.

Akana MongoDB Support

This plug-in provides connectivity to a MongoDB instance for features that have NoSQL persistence capabilities. Each feature may require enablement to use the connection. Please check the documentation for each feature where applicable.

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