Minor-Version Update Notes

Notes and additional information about upgrading from a major version to a minor version, or updating from a minor version to another minor version; for example, 8.4.1 to 8.4.22.

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Upgrading Akana API Platform from Version 8.2 to Version 8.4x

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Checking for version-specific steps
  3. Common upgrade errors


If you're updating from a major or micro version to a later micro update—for example, version 8.4.1 to 8.4.22—it's important to follow through the entire upgrade procedure. Even though it's a micro-release, it's important that you don't miss any steps. Be sure to:

Checking for version-specific steps

In some cases, upgrading to a specific micro-version might require an additional step that isn't part of the core upgrade process, such as a specific configuration task.

In defining the upgrade process you're going to follow, check for information in these two places:

  1. The main upgrade instructions for the main version you're upgrading to:
  2. Release notes for the micro version you're upgrading to: Check for any additional upgrade steps that might be covered in the release notes for the specific micro version. Release notes are available with the product ZIP files on the Rogue Wave Support Center (https://library.roguewave.com).

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Common upgrade errors

Here are some reminders for specific tasks that are part of the standard upgrade process but are sometimes forgotten, either in a major or minor upgrade, causing problems with the installation:

  • Forgetting to delete the configuration cache file. See Step 2-5: Clear Configurator cache (if needed).
  • Setting up the update.properties file correctly for the version, if you're using Silent Upgrade mode. See Upgrade container to Akana API Platform 8.4 (silent upgrade) (this is part of Step 2-6).
  • Clear browser cache before launching the upgraded Akana Administration Console. If you don't clear the browser cache and refresh, you won't see the user interface changes included in the update (if any). See Step 2-10: Clear browser cache.
  • After upgrade, turn scheduled jobs back on. Part of the upgrade process is turning off the scheduled jobs; but it's important to turn them back on afterwards (simple.scheduler.enabled and org.quartz.scheduler.enable properties both set to true). This step must be run on one container that's connected to the database. See Step 2-17: Turn scheduled jobs back on.

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