BoardItemArtifact Object

Contains information about an image or other artifact associated with a Board item. Applicable only if the DescriptionMediaType for the Board item is text/markdown.

This object is used by the following operations:

The properties included in the BoardItemArtifact object are listed below.

Property Type Description
ContextID string Unique ID for the Board item that the artifact is associated with. Can be any of the following board item types: Discussion, Ticket, Alert, Review, or Comment.
FileName string Filename for a Board item.
BaseUri string The base URI for a Board item. Example: http://acmepaymentscorp.
UriPath string The path part of the URI for a Board item. Example: /api/boards/items/063fe661-a74f-40d2-a242-9d49ec426e81.acmepaymentscorp/img_dollars.jpg.

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