Akana API Platform API Reference Material

Supplementary reference material is available in the following individual API reference and general reference articles:

Topic Topic Topic
General General APIs
Authorization Roles on the Platform The Login Process The API Default Profile
Boards in the Portal Managing Avatars on the Portal Managing API Administrators
Cookies in the Akana API Platform Managing Domains on the Platform Managing API Documentation Content
CSRF Prevention on the Platform Managing Groups on the Platform Apps
Data Types Managing Legal Agreements on the Platform Managing App Versions
Deployment Zones on the Platform Managing Multipart/Form-Data Uploads Managing API Administrators
Downloadable Files in Response Messages Media Types Determining the State Value of an App
Endpoint Construction Metrics on the Platform Public and Limited (Private) Apps
Error Messages Password Reset Process Security
Executing Workflow Actions Password Rules Authentication and Security
File Upload with Ajax RSS Channels in the Platform  
How the Platform API Uses Caching Session Time  
HTTP Headers SSO Login  
HTTP Status Codes Using Markdown on the Platform  
IDs on the Platform Using Search on the Platform  
  Valid Values for Components on the Platform  
  Working with Time Zones and Time Intervals  
  XML and JSON  

The following "How-to" getting started example topics are also available:

Topic Topic Topic
Examples: Overview Example: Using the CSRF header  
Apps APIs Users
Example: Adding an App Example: Adding an API by providing the full API definition Example: Resetting a Password
Example: Adding an App Version Example: Adding an API by importing an API description document Example: Adding a User
Example: Adding an App Avatar (includes video) Example: Adding an API Version Example: Change User Email
Portal Example: Adding an API Legal Agreement  
Example: Adding a Portal Signup Legal Agreement Example: Modifying an API Endpoint  
Example: SSO login with SAML Provider    

The training examples include the following videos:

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