Authorization Server Grant Admin Service: Overview

Provides functions associated with managing and querying on grants; for example, querying for a single grant or a list of grants, querying the client information, and performing workflow actions on grants.

This service is available for resource owners, administrators, app team members, and applications.

The Grant Admin service is not to be used for grant provisioning; to manage these activities, use the Authorization Server Authorization service, which provides functions associated with grant provisioning for resource owners. There is some overlap between these two services, but each has its specific focus and audience.

This service is available through either OAuth Provider Agent or OAuth Provider.

When using this service, you must first get the necessary tokens using the Authorization Server Login service.

For more information on using the Grant Admin service, with use cases and sample requests and responses, see OAuth: Using the Grant Admin API.

URL: https://{oauth-provider-url}/oauth/admin

Action Endpoint Description
execute workflow action POST /oauth/admin/grants/{GrantID}/actions Executes a valid workflow action associated with the specified OAuth grant.
get client avatar GET /oauth/admin/clients/{ClientID}/picture Returns the avatar for the specified OAuth client, based on the Client ID.
get clients GET /oauth/admin/clients Returns information about clients. For the provider admin, this operation returns a list of all client apps that have at least one grant; for the resource owner, it returns only the clients for which the resource owner has a grant.
get grant client avatar GET /oauth/admin/grants/{GrantID}/client/picture Returns the avatar for the client app associated with the specified OAuth Grant ID. For example, this could be used to create a page showing the resource owner a summary of grants that are currently authorized.
get grant details GET /oauth/admin/grants/{GrantID} Returns detailed information about the specified OAuth grant, including the list of scopes.
get OAuth Provider GET /oauth/admin/provider Returns information about an OAuth provider.
list grants GET /oauth/admin/grants Returns information about OAuth grants.

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