Users Service: Overview

The Users service provides operations for managing users in the platform, such as adding, modifying, and deleting users and retrieving user information.

Note: to return a list of all users, use the GET search operation (Search service).

Note: Most of these operations take the UserID as a parameter. The UserID is returned in the response to the POST /api/login operation (userFDN parameter in the response body). If you're a Site Admin you can also use the GET search operation with user parameter (GET /api/search?q=type:user) to return a list of users.

URL: https://{hostname}/api/users

Action Endpoint Description
add user POST /api/users Allows the Site Admin to add a new user to the platform.
change notification state PUT /api/users/{UserID}/notifications/{NotificationID}/state Changes the state of a user's notification (for example, archived, read).
change notifications state PUT /api/users/{UserID}/notifications/state Allows deletion (archiving) of multiple user notifications.
change signup state PUT /api/users/{UserID}/registration/state Changes the signup state for the specified user.
change status PUT /api/users/{UserID}/status Changes the status of the specified user (for example, enabled, disabled, locked).
change user domain PUT /api/users/{UserID}/domains/{DomainID} Updates the login domain for a user, from the current login domain to a different, valid login domain.
complete signup POST /api/users/completeSignup (deprecated; use POST /api/users/completeSignup, below, instead) Deprecated. Registers the user, so that the user can log in and perform authenticated actions. As of version 8.4, this operation is replaced by POST /api/users/completeSignup (extended functionality, different headers). The pre-existing operation is supported for backwards compatibility, but it's best to use the new operation instead.
complete signup advanced POST /api/users/completeSignup Registers the user, so that the user can log in and perform authenticated actions. Use this operation, which offers extended functionality, rather than the pre-existing operation, POST /api/users/completeSignup (with different headers).
delete user DELETE /api/users/{userID} Deletes the specified site user.
get account settings GET /api/users/{UserID}/settings Returns the account settings of a user, including UserID, email address, and the notification events for which the user has opted to receive emails.
get APIs GET /api/users/{UserID}/apis Returns information about the APIs that the specified user is connected to, either as an API Administrator or API Scope Group member or as an app team member for an app that's subscribed to the API.
get apps GET /api/users/{UserID}/apps

Returns information about the apps for which the user is on the app team, and optionally also information about app versions. The information is returned as an RSS feed.

Note: GET /api/users/{UserID}/apps (list apps, with custom Accept header) returns the same information as a JSON object. We recommend using that operation rather than this one.

get authorization result GET /api/users/{UserID}/auzstatus?ResourceID={ResourceID} Returns information about the authorization status of the specified user in relation to the specified resource or resource type.
get avatar providers GET /api/users/{UserID}/avatarproviders Returns information about avatar providers for the specified user.
get board GET /api/users/{UserID}/board Returns a list of Board items for the specified user.
get challenges GET /api/users/{UserID}/challenges Returns information about the security challenge questions that an individual user has provided answers for.
get following GET /api/users/{UserID}/following/{ResourceID} Returns the unique ID (FollowingID) for the relationship between the specified user and the specified resource.
get followings GET /api/users/{UserID}/followings Returns information about the resources the specified user is following.
get home feed GET /api/users/{UserID}/feeds/homefeed Returns the user's feed from the user's home system.
get login domain GET /api/users/{UserID}/logindomain Returns information about the login domain for the specified user.
get my groups GET /api/users/{UserID}/groups Returns information about the groups that the specified user is a member of.
get my login domain GET /api/users/mylogindomain Returns information about the login domain for the current user.
get notifications GET /api/users/{UserID}/notifications Returns unarchived notifications for the specified user.
get notifications count GET /api/users/{UserID}/notifications/count Returns the number of current notifications for a user.
get status GET /api/users/{UserID}/status Returns a summary of statistics for the specified user, including counts for discussions, tickets, the number of users following this user (not currently used), follow requests (current or pending), and the number of APIs the user has access to.
get user GET /api/users/{UserID} Returns the overview of a user.
get user preference GET /api/users/{UserID}/preferences/{PreferenceName} Returns the value of the specified user preference.
get user preferences GET /api/users/{UserID}/preferences Returns all the preferences saved for the user.
get user roles GET /api/users/{UserID}/roles?ResourceID={ResourceID} Returns the roles the user has in relation to a specified resource.
invite user to platform POST /api/users/invitations Allows a registered platform user to invite one or more additional users to join the platform. An email invitation is sent to each invited user.
list apps GET /api/users/{UserID}/apps Returns information about the apps for which the user is on the app team, and optionally also information about app versions. The information is returned as a JSON object.
modify account settings PUT /api/users/{UserID}/settings Changes a user's account settings such as email notification preferences.
modify password PUT /api/users/{UserID}/password Modifies the password of a user in the system.
modify user PUT /api/users/{UserID} Modifies information about a platform user.
resend activation POST /api/users/resendActivation Resends an activation code to a user who is signing up for the platform.
save challenges PUT /api/users/{UserID}/challenges Adds or updates information about the security challenge questions and answers for a specific user.
save preferences POST /api/users/{UserID}/preferences Changes the value of a user preference.
sign up user POST /api/users/signupUser[/{InvitationCode}] Initiates the signup process by sending the user's signup information to the database; in some cases, sends an email to the user.
verify invitation POST /api/users/verifyInvitation Validates an invitation code at the Simple Dev signup page and returns user details.
verify signup POST /api/users/verifySignup Returns information about the signup code or where in the signup process the user is.

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